Bugatti Bordeaux Details & Some Bugatti Updates

Bugatti Bordeaux

Bugatti will be celebrating its 100 years in business this year. Aside from the car manufacturer’s centenary celebration, they will also be releasing in September what they look forward to and announce their progress on developing a new Bugatti supercar dubbed as the Bordeaux.

September is a very important date for the car maker since it is the month when its father Etoore Bugatti established the company in 1909. It also happens to be the month for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

How the buzz started about a Buggatti supercar is a long story. A photo was sent to friend of a member of the Ferrarichat forum and hints of a new Bugatti model. The picture is clearly not a Veyron so it could be a super sedan or something else we do not expect.

Bugatti Bordeaux

According to insiders, it will be the Bordeaux which will be a super car that can carry four passengers. Under its hood will be the 8.0L quad turbo W 16 engine. The name sounds fast and the figures never lie since it can output 1001hp making it the fastest 4-seater car in the world.

Bugatti will also be releasing this year the Bleu Centenaire special edition which was revealed during the auto show in Geneva. Bugatti executives share that the company has a lot of plans in the future which includes a cheaper derivative of the Veyron and other extreme projects.

To date, the Veyron is on the top of the list in terms of the technical achievements that come with it. The Veyron though did not attempt to be the fastest car in the world currently held by the SSC Ultimate Aero TT.

The car manufacturer is now busy filling up the 250 orders for the Veyron. There are still 50 units up for the taking. The Grand Sport variant also has received several orders out of the 150 units planned production volume.

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