Next-generation Bugatti Veyron will debut in 2013

Okay, so the Volkswagen Group still thinks highly of the next Bugatti Veyron. Car experts have also speculated that the next-generation Veyron will have a top speed of 270mph or 434.52 km/h, beating the current record speed set by the Veyron Super Sport.

However, it is assumed that the next-generation Veyron will veer away from its predecessor and will lean more on the look and feel of Walter de Silva’s original art for the Bugatti model that goes back to the year 1999. Unfortunately, the original artwork was never publicized as another Veyron artwork concept that was made by Hartmut Warkuss made its way to the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999, leaving the original one unseen. Today, another design rendered by John Mark Vicente, a Canadian, has been aptly dubbed as the Bugatti Renaissance. This one is said to be posed to be Veyron’s successor.

The next-generation Veyron would still be carrying the same 8.0-liter W16 engine that is packed with four turbo charges. This powerful is attached to a 7-speed gearbox with a dual-clutch functionality. As for its performance, the speculations hover to the rates similar to that of the Super Sport version with 1,500 Nm of torque and 1,200 bhp. The next-generation Veyron is assumed to clock in at 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, just a little higher than the figures clocked in by Super Sport.

As for the price tag of the next-generation Veyron, specialist are assuming somewhere over the £1 million range. This new model will roll out in 2013 and will be available to the market in 2014.

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