Progress of Bugatti on the Galibier continues to be slow

Bugatti's Galibier Concept

The Bugatti Galibier is the ultra luxury sedan concept that first took spotlight when it was unwrapped in 2009. The initial response of consumers is underwhelming and there were critics that say that the vehicle is not special enough.

The car manufacturer took the feedback seriously and opted for a redesign of the Galibier. Then comes the new management for Bugatti, with Wolfgang Duerheimer insisting on more engineering and design revisions. This puts the car’s debut on indefinite hold despite a bigger potential for sales compared to the Veyron.

This year, the Bugatti has another man on the helm. Duerheimer heads to the research and development of Audi. Wolfgang Schreiber seats on the head of the conference table, and like the previous topman of Bugatti, he too wants more changes to the Galibier.

If you can consider the change in leadership as a good news, its because Schreiber is the man brought to act when Veyron had a problematic transmission that delayed its release. So clearly, the man has a good track record of bringing launches back to life and getting things done.

It is rumored that the Galibier will be launched before the hybrid version of the Veyron. We cannot deny though that one thing is for sure when the Bugatti Galibier finally rolls out–It will be fast, really fast. Oh plus it will be very luxurious and really, really expensive.

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