Redesign of Bugatti Galibier pushes back launch to 2015

Bugatti 16c Galibier

Luxury car lovers who are eagerly awaiting for the release of the Bugatti Galibier might have to stretch their patience some more as confirmed reports say that the new Bugattie masterpiece will not be rolled out until 2015 as redesign works on the Galibier are being made.

Designers and engineers of the exotic car maker return to the drawing board to improve the design of the Bugatti Galibier.

A lot of people are disappointed with the delay, a common scenario as Bugatti also took years before finally releasing the Veyron. The redesign though is necessary to make the ride more stylish and make it more comfortable. There are also reports that it might get an upgraded engine which has an ouput of around 986 horsepower.

Earlier reports said that the Galibier is already on the second phase of design and it will significantly look look different from the concept that we have seen before.

The changes that are being made to the design was triggered after conducting consults with customers . Most of the customers who participated in the clinic were Veyron owners who gave their inputs for the improvement of the Bugatti Galibier.

The Galibier draws inspiration from the Veyron but also shows hints of the Atlantic coupe with a long spine running along the roof down to its rear deck.

Car lovers might be wondering though what Bugatti has in mind especially when the production run of the Veyron standard is completed and only versions like the Super Sport and Grand Sport are still on production.

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